Lab News

Welcome new interns and undergrads for the 2021/22 academic year!

LEE Hsin Yee, a SBS undergraduate intern, will be working with Mark over the summer 2021 break.


Keefe Qingyao QUEK, a SBS undergraduate, will be working with Tom for 6 weeks under the BS9001 Research Experience module.


Aslam Firras Bin Azhar, a SBS undergraduate, will be working with Zeus for 6 weeks under the BS9001 Research Experience module.


KONG Jian Hua, a SBS undergraduate, will be working with Chor Ming for 6 weeks under the BS9001 Research Experience module.


Siti Nur Khairunnisa, a Republic Polytechnic intern, will be working with Haris till the end of July.


He Shan, a SBS undergraduate, will be working with Irina for 6 weeks under the BS9001 Research Experience module.


GOH Ker Yi Karlyn, a SBS undergraduate, will be working with Ronni for her final year project.


Jolly Shreya, a SBS undergraduate, will be working with Ronni for her professional attachment.

Congratulations Chee Hong!

A hearty congratulations to Chee Hong, our Temasek Polytechnic FYP student, for winning the “Best student in main project”, awarded by KK’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital at his FYP poster presentation. Shoutout to Haris, for his excellent mentorship during Chee Hong’s FYP journey!

Award winner, Lee Chee Hong

Chee Hong’s winning poster titled ” Application of Fluidic and Microfluidic In Vitro Models to Study Bacterial Migration in Urinary Catheters

It’s a new year, and we welcome our new student researchers!

LEE Chee Hong, from Temasek Polytechnic, working with Haris
Nithiyaa D/O Balakrishnan, NTU undergrad, working with Casandra
Ong Qian Wei, NTU FYP student, is working with Bala
Frederick Reinhardt, NTU undergrad working with Patrick
Christie Tan, NTU CN Yang scholar, is working with Haris
Ng Qing Hao, NTU undergrad intern, working with Anuj (himself a visiting postdoc from the Normark lab in Stockholm!)

We’re hiring a new postdoc!

Are you fascinated by bacteria and infections?  Do you want to spend a few years with a group of super smart and incredibly nice scientists? Does working in a multicultural, international, biofilm-focused research institute excite you?  If so, please get in touch.



Job Description and Specifications

We are seeking a creative and enthusiastic Post-Doctoral researcher to investigate the host-pathogen interactions that underlie Enterococcus faecalis infection.  The candidate will work with an integrated team of microbiologists, immunologists, and cell biologists to define the mechanistic correlates of these infections.  The project will include the application of in vitro microbiological and biochemical assays, molecular genetics, cell-based and animal models of infection, high resolution imaging, and analysis of changes in both host and pathogen gene and protein expression.

The work will be conducted within the Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE), a Singapore Research Center of Excellence. SCELSE has established a strong research platform for the investigation of functional microbial communities, in both environmental and infection contexts, with a specific focus on microbial biofilms.  The center is supported by its in house ‘omics, bioinformatics and systems biology capacities, as well as a range of infection models and an in house advanced imaging facility.


Work within a team to achieve key performance indicators of research project.

  • Acquire proficiency in discipline-specific knowledge
  • Acquire new technical skills, as required by the project
  • Plan, design and implement independent research project
  • Supervise research staff and/or graduate students in the plan, design, and implementation of projects
  • Assist with organization and management of the research team

Communicate research progress and outcomes regularly

  • Prepare technical reports for the program PIs and present data at regular group meeting
  • Take lead role in manuscript preparation for scientific journals
  • Present research at external conferences and meetings

Maintain open communication with colleagues

  • Regular communication, as needed, with principal investigators, collaborating colleagues, lab members, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and Institutional Review Board, and SCELSE administrative staff
  • Serve as postdoctoral representative, on a limited basis, on internal committees


  • PhD in Microbiology, Immunology, or related field
  • Specific expertise in the genetic manipulation of bacteria, in vitro cell culture, mouse models of bacterial infection, fluorescent imaging, and/or fluency in handling and analysing large-scale RNA and DNA sequencing datasets.
  • A demonstrable record of oral presentation of research and peer-reviewed publication is required.
  • Ability to work independently, within a large and collaborative team.

Please send a statement of research interests and career goals, CV, and contact information for 3 references to kkline[at] Please state “T2 PostDoc” in the subject line. Regretfully, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

8th Annual Kline-Chen-Ch’ng Lab Holiday Party

All started fine. We were at the beach, hanging out…

And then the monsoons came. So we hid out in a shelter and played games.

And we had to BBQ in the rain under umbrellas! Talk about teamwork!

In the end, it worked. We ate, drank, and celebrated the end of a great year with our science family in Singapore.

(Thanks to Zeus for taking all of the great photos!)

Welcome to our undergrad and pre-undergrad students for the 2019/2020 academic year!

CHUA Swee Kwang is an NTU undergrad working with Haris starting in Jan 2020.


June ONG, NTU student working with Irina from mid-2019. She’s now an FYP student in the lab.


Jerome CHUA is an NTU FYP student working with Irina Jan-April 2020.


Jermain Goh is back. He’s a former URECA student, now doing his URECA-FYP project with Zeus Jan-April 2020.


Tay Jie Yin is an NTU FYP student working with Pei Yi Jan-April 2020


Xiao Wei joins us from Temasek Polytechnic. She’ll be working with Casandra from August-January.