SCELSE 10th Year Anniversary Conference

This year, SCELSE celebrated 10 years of research excellence at Capella Singapore. Members of the Kline lab participated in this glamorous event and even Kim, who flew back specially for this!

Kim (top) and Haris (bottom) gave a wonderful talk at the conference.

Claudia posing beside her poster (spot her baby bump).

Ph.D students Casandra (top) and Jerome (bottom) also presented their projects at the conference.

Zeus explaining his poster to a curious audience.

Well done to all and kudos to the organizing committee for the successful celebration!

Welcome new undergrads for the 2022/23 academic year!

Xylon LEE, a Biomedical Science undergraduate, will be working with Claudia for his final year project.
Ann Don LOW, a year 3 SBS undergraduate, will be working with Chor Ming for 6 weeks under the BS9001 Research Experience module.
LIEW Jia Hui, a year 3 SBS undergraduate, will be working with Frederick for 6 weeks under the BS9001 Research Experience module.
Nikash Parasuraman, a Temasek Polytechnic FYP student, will be working with Haris from August-January.











Congratulations Frederick!

Congratulations to Frederick Reinhart Tanoto for being awarded the Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS) award for his outstanding performance in the Biological Sciences discipline as an NTU undergraduate. Frederick will also be beginning his journey as a graduate student in the Kline lab this semester. We wish him all the best in his Ph.D journey. Keep up the good work Frederick!

It’s a new year, and we welcome our new student researchers!

LEE Chee Hong, from Temasek Polytechnic, working with Haris
Nithiyaa D/O Balakrishnan, NTU undergrad, working with Casandra
Ong Qian Wei, NTU FYP student, is working with Bala
Frederick Reinhardt, NTU undergrad working with Patrick
Christie Tan, NTU CN Yang scholar, is working with Haris
Ng Qing Hao, NTU undergrad intern, working with Anuj (himself a visiting postdoc from the Normark lab in Stockholm!)

A new academic year begins…

…and a new group of undergrads, interns, and visiting students join the Kline lab.

CHONG Yik Yan is an FYP student (working with JJ)
TAN Wei Xuan is an NTU URECA student (working with Art and Foo Kiong)
Jermain Goh is an NTU URECA student (working with Zeus)
Daniel Lopez is a Temasek Polytechnic student (working with Jun Hong)
LOW Zhen Wei is a Temasek Polytechnic student (working with Goran)
TEO Hui Ting is an NTU URECA student (working with Adeline)
Nikol Prokopova, visiting biotechnology undergraduate student from the University of Surrey, will be with us until June 2018! (working with JJ)
Jennifer Huang, visiting Master’s student from National Taiwan University. (working with Adeline)