Lab News

SCELSE Scientific Retreat 2023

The Kline lab was at the SCELSE’s Annual Scientific Retreat held at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa on 29 and 30 November. Some of the lab members presented at the (recycled) poster session, while Claudia and Navin represented the lab in the Short talks segment.

Interactions at the poster session:






















Short talk presentation by Claudia
Lightning talk presentation by Navin


Wrapping it up with a group photo!

The Kline Lab unites at Porto!

For the 6th International Conference on Enterococci held at Porto, Portugal.

Talks given by Ronni and Haris:


Poster presentations by the Kline lab representatives:

Chor Ming
Zeus Poster 2
Pei Yi
Zeus Poster 1
Foo Kiong


























Fun at the wine experience social event



Group photo!


Last but not least, congratulations to Navin for winning the best poster award!

FYP Poster Day 2023

NTU undergrads, Ann Don and Jia Hui completed their Kline lab FYP journey on 10 May, presenting their posters at the SBS FYP poster day. We hope they have learnt valuable skills and wish them all the best for their future endeavors!

Jia Hui posing beside her poster with her mentor, Frederick.

Ann Don standing beside her poster with her mentor, Chor Ming.

BUG Symposium 2022

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bacterial Ultra Group (BUG), a symposium was held at the National University of Singapore. The 7 BUG PIs kicked off the symposium by sharing their BUG memories and research showcase.

Memories of BUG – Swaine Chen

BUG reflections – Yunn Hwen Gan

BUG encapsulation – Chris Sham

Exploring the gut microbiota-derived peptidoglycan fragments in host – Yuan Qiao

Genetic mobility redefined by the life cycles of bacteriophages and pathogenicity islands – John Chen

Adventures in (mostly) Enterococcal polymicrobial infections – Kimberly Kline

The BUG that sticks – Shu Sin Ch’ng

BUG group photo taken with all participants, including Bill Burkholder, who made a special virtual appearance.

Group shot with all the BUG PIs. Cheers to another 10 year of BUG!

Next was a seminar given by Christoph Tang about immune evasion by Neisseria meningitidis.

The BUG symposium ended with a poster session with 31 presenters from the BUG community.

Big thank you to the BUG symposium organizers for the successful event! Everyone had a great time exchanging scientific ideas and catching up.

Tri-lab party 2022

The Kline-Chen-Ch’ng lab held their final Tri-lab party in style on a yacht.

It was a first time on a yacht for many.

We bid farewell to sunny Singapore island.

It was all fun and laughter one the yacht anchored near Lazarus beach.

Beautiful sunset over the sea horizon.

Mandatory Kline lab group photo.

Not forgetting a full group photo with the Chen and Ch’ng lab!

Time flies and soon it was time to disembark from Sardinia yacht. We wish Swaine all the best for his future endeavour!