8th Annual Kline-Chen-Ch’ng Lab Holiday Party

All started fine. We were at the beach, hanging out…

And then the monsoons came. So we hid out in a shelter and played games.

And we had to BBQ in the rain under umbrellas! Talk about teamwork!

In the end, it worked. We ate, drank, and celebrated the end of a great year with our science family in Singapore.

(Thanks to Zeus for taking all of the great photos!)

Welcome to our undergrad and pre-undergrad students for the 2019/2020 academic year!

CHUA Swee Kwang is an NTU undergrad working with Haris starting in Jan 2020.


June ONG, NTU student working with Irina from mid-2019. She’s now an FYP student in the lab.


Jerome CHUA is an NTU FYP student working with Irina Jan-April 2020.


Jermain Goh is back. He’s a former URECA student, now doing his URECA-FYP project with Zeus Jan-April 2020.


Tay Jie Yin is an NTU FYP student working with Pei Yi Jan-April 2020


Xiao Wei joins us from Temasek Polytechnic. She’ll be working with Casandra from August-January.

A new academic year means…a new group of undergrads in the lab!

Welcome, class of 2018/2019!

Daryl Yeong, SBS undergrad working with Zeus during his research experience project. 
Dion Chan, SBS undergrad working with Zeus. He completed his FYP project in our lab. He obviously graduated! Congrats Dion!
Kimberly Phua, SBS undergrad in the CN Yang Scholar’s program, working with Casandra & JJ
Augustine Koh, SBS undergrad in the URECA program, working with Irina.
Mugil Mutha, an intern from Temasek Polytechnic, working with Jun Hong.