Summer 2012 Meetings

Two weeks jam-packed with science: first at the American Society for Microbiology General Meeting in San Francisco where I reunited with Seifert  and Hultgren lab members…

Bay Bridge in San Francisco
Hultgren lab family – old and new


…and then on to the Bacterial Cell Surfaces Gordon Research Conference at Mount Snow, Vermont.

The meeting was full of interesting talks – some favorites included Mariana Pinho, Silvia Bulgheresi, Joseph Mougous, Ry Young, Arash Komeili, Kumaran Ramamurthi, Marcia Goldberg, and many more.  In between scientific sessions I got to play outside, and caught up with more of the extended Seifert and Hultgren lab families.

Hultgren lab family – just old
(Lynette Cegelski, me, Swaine Chen, David Thanassi, and Meta Kuehn)
Heidi (from the Levin lab) and I scaled the windy summit of Mount Snow one afternoon.