Aaron TAN Ming Zhi

Aaron TAN Ming Zhi

PhD in Microbiology & Genetics, Newcastle University
Research fellow
aaronmingzhi.tan [at] ntu.edu.sg


Aaron completed his PhD at Newcastle University supervised by Dr Phillip Aldridge and Dr Judith Hall. There he investigated the host-microbial interactions underlying recurrent urinary tract infections. His research topics included how the colonisation dynamics of E. coli affected clinical outcomes and the evolutionary/fitness dynamics driving the low incidence of nitrofurantoin resistance amongst urinary E. coli isolates.

Aaron is primarily interested in the host-pathogen interactions underlying common human diseases and the evolutionary dynamics that drive the acquisition and fixation of antimicrobial resistance amongst clinical pathogens. To get the full picture, these research interests demand a multi-disciplinary approach employing a mix of microbiology, immunology, pathophysiology, genomics, and bioinformatics.

When not in the lab, Aaron enjoys cooking and baking, computing, photography, live sound mixing, and coffee brewing. Yes, there is an awful lot of engineering and science to get that perfect cup of flat white!

Aaron’s area of research in the Kline lab is centred around investigating the host-microbial interactions underlying chronic wound infections, focusing on the contribution of UPR pathways in wound infection pathogenesis.